Logistics Supply

In 2001, Logistics recognized an ever-widening gap between brand manufacturers and the independent distributors purchasing their products. While manufacturers struggled to provide equal service to all distributor customers, small-to-medium-sized independent distributors struggled to meet manufacturers’ minimum requirements. So, Logistics was developed to support manufacturers’ product delivery to independent distributors while providing the exceptional services needed to support distributor growth.

Unlike traditional wholesalers, who are non-selective in the products they carry and the brands they support, Logistics is a re-distributor, who partners with select manufacturers, developing close relationships and unified strategies, to grow their brand and the sales of their distributors. And with Logistics’ custom CRM tools and a Market Intelligence Portal, they are capable of tracking the manufacturer’s customers and maintaining program integrity so as to always lead with their brand. Plus, as a bonus, Logistics, directs their general customer base to their select manufacturing partners. Because a number of these partnerships have resulted in groups of transferred distribution, multiple manufacturing partners experience increased sales with decreased operational costs.

Not only does Logistics provide value to their manufacturing partners, the independent distributors they serve reap tremendous benefits through the partnership as well. Logistics distributors get the best of both worlds – they remain a distributor, the manufacturer has visibility of their sales through point of sale reporting, and they have access to manufacturers’ training and services, but with all of Logistics’ added benefits, like same-day shipping on in-stock products, from over 400 quality brands, with two-day delivery to most US destinations.

Logistics also makes it easy for distributors to do business by breaking case quantities and bundling products to help them meet freight paid programs. Add no minimum order requirements, and it is that much easier for distributors to get what they need, when they need it.

Logistics backs up those products with quality service, from dedicated account managers, who review and analyze performance and freight programs to help distributors save money. They offer distributors custom marketing services to use with their customers, like private branded flyers and catalogs, custom price guides, and even e-commerce tools.

From an extensive product offering, risk-free expansion, and no minimums to fee-free drop shipping, 24/7 online ordering, and freight paid programs, Logistics is committed to offering distributors the products and services they need to compete in the marketplace. By doing so, distributors and manufacturers alike enjoy increased sales opportunities with decreased operational costs.

Logistics understand all businesses are unique, but so is their business platform, from which they offer Distributors and Manufacturers sound growth solutions for each of their respective businesses.