Heiser Logistics

Founded in 1972, Heiser is an industry leader in the national wholesale distribution of fire protection and life safety products. Their slogan, “Heiser has it,” is their assurance that Fire Equipment Distributors (FEDs) will find everything they need to drive their business forward. Whether it is superior quality products, exemplary customer service, or an unparalleled commitment to helping them grow their business, they can count on Heiser to help. And FEDs are never just a number at Heiser. They are treated as a member of the Heiser family, who takes pride in doing business the right way, which, to them, is the best way to grow both their customers’ business, along with their own, for shared prosperity.

Heiser works hard to help FEDs protect lives and property. They do much more than distributing products. They are always looking for new opportunities to serve their FED partners, helping to make their businesses better and every community a safer place to live and work. And with 13 quick-ship and will-call distribution centers nationwide, Heiser is strategically positioned nicely for ‘just-in-time’ supply. Because they serve as their customers’ warehouse, FEDs do not need to tie up their money in inventory either.

Heiser also offers custom-tailored solutions, unique to each of their customers. Specializing in restaurant fire suppression systems, Heiser is the only wholesaler in the industry to carry their own proprietary system. Their Protex II restaurant fire suppression systems meet the highest standards, including NFPA 17A and 96 as well as UL-300. Plus, their manufacturer’s training and certification ensures FEDs are fully educated on the installation, service, and maintenance of Heiser’s Protex II system. Additionally, they offer free CAD drawings, with complete system purchases, and on-demand technical support, including system configuration. And classes are offered nationwide, throughout the year, making it easy for FEDs to attend.

With access to an abundance of OEM kitchen system parts, and thousands of other industry staples, Heiser is the easy choice for fire and life safety supply. Equally important, the professionals at Heiser are well-equipped to answer technical questions fast as well as following customer orders from start to finish. They strive for the highest level of customer service achievable, with every customer encounter.

Heiser has big-business capabilities, but with a small, family-like mentality. For 50 years, they have not only supplied their customers—they have supported them. From value and integrity to same-day, one-on-one personal service, Heiser Has It!