FED Learning Center

In late 2017, Fire and Life Safety industry leaders came together to address challenges in employee hiring, retention, and training. They focused on the need for improved technical training for the workers responsible for maintenance, inspection, and repairs in the fire suppression and safety field. The end result was the FED Learning Center (FEDLC)—an educational platform supporting the training and developmental needs of the fire and life safety industry.

At the FED Learning Center, they believe that the better-educated fire and life safety professionals are, the safer lives and property will be. That commitment is why the National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (NAFED) chose the FED Learning Center as its exclusive training partner.

The FED Learning Center course catalog is always growing, as well, to keep abreast of the newest products and the latest codes in the industry. Offering courses on portable fire extinguishers, kitchen suppression systems, fire alarm systems, backflow preventers, hood cleaning, and exit and emergency lighting represent the core focus of their programs. In addition, the FED Learning Center offers courses in soft skills, like preparing for AHJ inspections and customer sales and service. They also offer courses covering diversity and ethics for better customer/employee interactions.

The FED Learning Center’s vision is to provide an industry-specific, educational experience to not only satisfy various student job requirements but to expand their knowledge, technical expertise, and natural curiosity to help the industry, as a whole, evolving for a better, safer tomorrow.

The FED Learning Center is an approved International Code Council Preferred Education provider. That means, besides providing practical skills for fire and life safety professionals, they also provide the required annual CEUs that they need. And because of logistical issues, time constraints, location, and other hindrances, the FED Learning Center offers all of their course material live online, in addition to their in-person classes. For hands-on learning, students can take courses at one of the many FEDLC campuses across the US. Alternatively, off-site sessions may better fit calendars and budgets. That is where live virtual courses and on-demand modules come into play.