Fire Protection News

For industry professionals, by industry professionals, Fire Protection News is a media outlet for all things fire and life safety. Dedicated to sourcing and producing the most relevant industry news, information, and stories, Fire Protection News is a valuable, timely resource that industry professionals can rely on.

In 2019, BHC leadership realized that the fire and life safety market place needed a voice of its own for core fire safety suppliers and professionals, so Fire Protection News was developed and soft launch later on that year. However, its full-blown launch stalled in 2020, with the onset of COVID, but reemerged with more content than ever in 2021. As a matter of fact, following the pandemic, their place in the market has never been clearer. With the Fire Equipment Distributor or FED market comprised of many small-to-mid-size companies, having a centralized news source for the entire industry is vital. Especially one whose sole purpose is enrichment and advocation.

Fire Protection News brings readers the serious side of the FED business. From the latest happenings, newest products, and informative articles to unique, proprietary video content featuring industry leaders and experts, offering their thoughts and opinions on critical subjects like recruiting and retaining personnel and the importance of fire safety training to name a few.

Home to the who’s who or the what’s what in the FED industry, Fire Protection News serves up the hottest content available.

Fire Protection News is committed to informing, educating, and entertaining readers. Their hope is, that in so doing, industry professionals see Fire Protection News as the online source for everything fire and life safety. A source they can identify with, a source committed to the same things they are—preserving life and property.