Commercial Fire

Commercial Fire is a national fire and life safety service provider, who’s self-imposed mission is to create safer facilities “one building at a time.” Founded in 1988, they have served the fire and life safety industry for over 30 years. While their areas of service continue to expand, their current focus is on fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler and backflow devices, fire alarm systems, kitchen fire suppression systems, emergency and exit lights, fire hoses, and standpipes, special hazard fire, and kitchen exhaust cleaning. Besides offering all of these top-tier services, Commercial Fire’s biggest advantage is being able to simplify the process of multi-site facility fire and life safety maintenance, service, and installation from coast to coast. In this case, one call really does it all.

Fire safety is critical for the preservation of life and property. It is also a handful to keep up with for facility managers and owners, especially when they have larger buildings and/or multiple locations that can stretch across the country. Commercial Fire understands all of that. Their business model is designed to unburden customers from the day-to-day safety and compliance issues, streamlining everything into a seamless, easy fire and life safety maintenance solution.

But Commercial Fire is more than an expert at streamlining the process of protecting one’s employees, customers, and properties; they are experts in each respective division of their numerous fire protection and life safety silos. They partner with thousands of affiliate fire and life safety professionals for the absolute best solutions, service, and experience in the industry. Plus, every customer has a dedicated account manager, who acts as their single point of contact. There is no getting lost in phone trees or wasting time finding the right person to speak with. And with a large national footprint, Commercial Fire has the resources to develop technology that helps their technicians work smarter, like their Commercial Fire App and portal, which allow technicians and managers alike to stay on top of projects coming in. For customers, Commercial Fire’s Customer Portal helps them view all of their locations and drill down to specific service records. They can also view images and notes from each service visit.

As codes change and customer needs evolve, Commercial Fire is not only dedicated to ensuring the highest level of service for their customers, they are also agile enough to keep pace with an everchanging world. What’s more, their team of industry veterans lead the way in training and developing the next generation of fire safety professionals.

With nationwide coverage, and a host of a professional fire and life safety services, Commercial Fire is a perfect fit for customers with complicated, multi-site fire and life safety protection and compliance needs. Their decades of experience, paired with thousands of certified, knowledgeable technicians, sets them apart while setting their customers on the road to compliance and success in protecting their employees, customers, and property.