BHC Integrated Support Services

Acting as the support arm for every Company, Platform and Brand under the BHC umbrella, Integrated Support Services (ISS) provides the back office each company needs to be successful in their individual market place. This shared service model maximizes efficiency while optimizing growth opportunities.

From supplier management, distribution services, engineering, technology development, and everything in between, ISS does it all. Keeping up with, and supporting, all of this activity is Integrated Support Services responsibility. And one that they handle with equal amounts of finesse and professionalism. They treat each BHC Company as a “client,” not just another department within the same company. This client perception reinforces a customer-centric approach to service that helps drive each brands’ success.

Equally important is the mutual familiarity both the Companies and ISS enjoy having about each other. In some cases, they work together in the same offices, or when that is not possible, they have lines of communication that can put them in touch with one another almost instantly. This close proximity helps build relationships and shared goals—success being the main one.

This coexistence is mutually beneficial in other ways as well, and not just for the Companies or their support arm—ISS. It trickles down to the customers, too, who rely on the products and services the Companies offer. From information technology, distribution, and accounts payable to procurement, marketing, and business intelligence, ISS makes it all possible.

Integrated Support Services is one of the most comprehensive collections of tenured professionals and tradesmen in any business, anywhere. They are the driving force behind each and every order shipped and every product marketed, paid for, and inventoried. They are the very lifeblood of our supply and service model.